Registering Property

Registering property

Registering property is carried out by preparing an inventory of everything we cover in your home. This includes an accurate footprint of each room and every serviceable fitting. Ranging from parts for your bath and shower, gutter make and model, to the boiler and ever grout/silicone colour.

  • Registering property
    Registering property

    Our system will then instruct our engineers of the assigned parts required and set job timescales. Intelligent Scheduling will notify you of the date and time our engineer will attend your property – offering you a professional booking service.

  • The complete home inventory will allow us to fix any issues first time.
  • Using this system has been a success for our clients as they see will only require to provide us with entry to their home to complete the works.
  • Increasing productivity of our work force drives down costs for our clients.