Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter, Downpipe and Drainage Cleaning

Using the latest technology and modern methods, Space Maintenance quickly and efficiently clean the gutter, downpipe and underground drainage pipes of your property. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Space Maintenance keep your central and greater London property to standard.

Gutter Cleaning ServicesRates
Prices are subject to Vat @ 20%
Gutter Cleaning 2-3 bed house£100.00
Gutter and Downpipe Cleaning 2-3 bed house£140.00
Gutter Cleaning 4-6 bed house£140.00
Gutter & Downpipe Cleaning 4-6 bed house£200.00
Jet Clean a standard manhole & underground pipe work£140.00


Gutter Cleaning Services
Space Maintenance gutter cleaning services use machine washing equipment to free up debris and clean the guttering at roof level. We use a powerful wet and dry vacuum to remove all the debris.
This same equipment is used to clean box gutters and check that the box gutters have a sufficient moss and leaves guard to continue to protect avoid blockages.
A PVC cleaning solution is used on all the gutters to carefully clean the guttering, removing dull yellow of the PVC as well as removing stains from bird mess, pollen and leaf stains and other unsightly marks.

Cleaning & unblocking downpipes
Using high pressure water jet equipment on the downpipes removes any blockages and cleans the inside surface of the pipe in the process. We use a PVC cleaning solution on all the downpipes, cleaning the PVC without damaging it.

Manholes and underground drainage
Our manhole and underground drainage jet clean system completely cleans the rest of the property drainage pipework. Recommended every 3-5 years, this stops any build up or blockages in the pipe work. (this is not for unblocking underground drainage for this service please refer to our drainage department)

Why use Space Maintenance for gutter cleaning
Clean guttering is essential to keep the property well maintained. Space Maintenance use a high-powered vacuum washing system to remove all the leaves, moss and stones from the gutters. It is important to clean the downpipes and hoppers to allow the rain water easy access to the underground drainage. Any damage or blockages in the pipes can cause a lot of problems. Our high pressure water jet system is a perfect solution for keeping your property at the standard you expect.

Comply with Health and Safety Laws
We are completely H&S compliant and follow the guidelines for working with heights and ladders.

New gutter installation and repair
If your current guttering is damaged, we can repair or replace all types of gutter, down pipes and fascia boards. We offer a complete installation service.

What you can expect
For a complete quote before starting with no hidden add-on charges, call us now.

For every job, the price we quote includes:

  • Guttering washed and cleaned
  • Down-pipes jet cleaned
  • Hoppers at roof and ground level cleaned
  • A clean and tidy professional service
  • We will clear blocked downpipes between your annual service (no cost)
  • Full insurance cover
  • Comply with Health and Safety Laws

Gutter Cleaning Services