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Maintain your property with our cost effective Property Maintenance Package

Every property needs regular maintenance whether it is your own home or a property you are letting to tenants. The minimum for maintaining your property is an annual boiler service, but more is required to ensure your property is well maintained. With this in mind we have developed three bespoke annual property maintenance packages to suit all types of properties and budgets.

As a landlord or a private homeowner, a tailored property maintenance package is essential to ensure that your property is well maintained. We have a team of highly-skilled and professional tradesmen who can respond to all urgent repair and maintenance needs.

By signing up to one of our packages you will benefit from reduced labour costs of up to 30% and, if you have signed up to our Silver or Platinum package, you will not incur any call out fees.

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Bronze Property Maintenance Package covers the minimum maintenance required to any property over a 12 month period. This package is a landlord favourite.

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Silver Property Maintenance Package is our recommended approach to maintenance and is aimed at private homeowners. Clients signing up to this package have the added bonus of benefiting from our unique maintenance solution. Your property details are registered in our system, so when you have a problem we can quickly diagnose the fault, order the parts required and book an appointment for our engineer to fix the problem – all in one phone call!

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Platinum Property Maintenance Package is designed for larger properties that require much more complex maintenance work. It is a fully comprehensive package that focuses on both internal and external maintenance and offers all the same services as the Silver package, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Our bespoke Property Maintenance Package prices start at £300 Bronze £600 Silver £1200 Platinum

Property Survey
Boiler Service
Heat Exchanger Service
Smoke Detectors
Electrical Maintenance
Renew Silicone to Bathroom Areas
Air Conditioning
Power Flushing to Heating Systemx
Non Emergency call-out service for general maintenance (NO CALL OUT FEE)
Clean-out Shower and Wash-hand basin traps
Water Tanks
Hot Water Storage Tanks
Clean Guttering and Downpipes
Clean Patio / Driveways
Fire Safety Equipment
Clean and Seal Stone Tiling
Flooring Maintenance (Various)
Roofing Surveys
Jet Clean Underground Drainagex


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For guideline prices for your annual maintenance plan please download our Maintenance Calculator

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The property survey details all aspects of your property and includes:

A boiler service will compromise of checking the performance reports since any previous visits, carrying out a full Gas boiler service, in line with Gas Safe regulations and using a Gas Safe engineer.  The Engineer will then Issue all the required certification and provide a detailed report highlighting any remedial works, if required, to ensure the appliance are safe.

If your boiler is more than 5 years old then it will require a different method of servicing.

A heat exchanger service will comprise of checks to make sure there are no leaks and that the equipment is in full working order and in line with safety regulations. These checks will vary slightly depending on the type of heat exchanger is in your property.

A report will then be provided by the engineer who will highlight any defects with the equipment and recommended any remedial works as required.

We will visit your home once a year to test you smoke alarms and replace batteries on an annual basis. We will run a test on the alarm to make sure it is working correctly and give the equipment a general clean down to remove dust and dirt.

This is a comprehensive Landlords Electrical Certificate and we ensure all electrical appliances such as cookers, fridges etc are tested by a qualified electrical engineer using the portable appliance testing equipment, known as a (PAT) test.

All electrical systems/items must be:

All landlords should have an annual electrical safety inspection (i.e. the Enhanced Electrical inspection or”E2”), which includes the electrical equipment.

All works carried out on electrical appliances are undertaken by Part P qualified engineers NICEIC Accreditations. All Staff carry their certifications with them at all times.

Our operative will carefully remove the silicone in a location of your choice or the area which is in the worst condition. We will colour match your existing silicone and provide a new seal using a matching silicone to the existing.


An air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service.  Our engineers will replace the filters within your air conditioning unit, clean out any dust, dirt or debris from the evaporator and condenser, clean out the drainage channels and check the unit for any signs of damage of defects. The engineer will advise on any recommended remedial works if required.

Over time radiators rust internally producing black iron oxide 'sludge'. This sludge moves around the heating system blocking pipes, valves and boilers (pumps/heat exchangers/diverter valves). These blockages reduce heating and hot water efficiency leading to increased time in heating your home and hot water and therefore increased heating costs.

Power flushing will be required every 5 – 7 years with most heating systems. Our Platinum package includes for a full power flush within the first year of scheduled maintenance works.

Our heating engineer will use a specialist power flushing system which will be connected up to  your heating system, a cleaning agent will them be added to the system water which will begin to loosen the rust. By flushing water through individual radiators and vibrating cold spots the sludge is rapidly loosened. The sludge flows from radiators and is collected with a filter. A corrosion inhibitor is added to the clean water, radiators are balanced as required and finally we issue you a certificate and highlight any required remedial works.

Account holders for Silver and Platinum Maintenance Packages will not be charged for call out fees for general maintenance works outside of their planned maintenance packages.

A trap is an insert in a shower waste is designed to trap all the debris and hair before it has a chance to get into the pipework. Blockages within shower traps and basin traps are unnoticeable until the last minute when the above ground drainage pipework completely blocks up. By annually cleaning out the traps it will ensure that there is sufficient drainage at all times and minimise any risk of flooding or water damage from blocked pipework.


Our Engineer will remove and thoroughly clean the waste insert, removing any dirt and hair. A drain unblocking solution will then be used to clean out the trap itself.

We will check your insulation and carry out maintenance to your ball valve.  We will also assess the risk of Legionella or other contamination.

Routine cleaning and chlorination are essential to prevent a buildup of contaminants including Legionella and E-Coli. The results will be provided to you in a detailed report, complete with photographic evidence for any faults uncovered.

 The report will also include a detailed explanation of any required steps to bring your water system up to full compliance.


Manufacturers of unvented water heaters recommend that you have your water heater serviced once each year, and many home insurance policies require this. Annual maintenance will help to keep the water heater safe and in line with the requirements of the G3 building regulations relating to hot water system.

The following tasks will be completed during the annual package of your unvented water heater and hot water heater maintenance, repair and service:

Guttering is vital in ensuring the proper drainage of rainwater from the roof areas of your property. If the rainwater is not discharged correctly a wide variety of issue’s can arise. The most common issues are water damage, water penetration into brickwork structures, pooling of water on roof areas and damaged roof coverings. Over time, guttering and downpipes will get blocked from debris such as tree leaves and rainfall from the roof will not be drained correctly. A simple yearly gutter and downpipe clean is the best way of preventing any of these issues.

A specialist piece of machine washing equipment will be used to free debris and build up deposits from guttering and a wet and dry vacuum system will then be used to remove the debris. Video footage of the clean will be provided. Downpipes will be machine washed through clearing any debris inside. This debris will then be retrieved out of the drainage outlet.

Concrete or paved driveways should be cleaned on a regular basis, once a year is recommended. Concrete is a porous material and is vulnerable from the ingress of grease, acid and salt all of which can cause damage and wear over time. 

Our operative will machine wash with a suitable cleaning agent any areas of patio and/or driveway’s that are included within your maintenance package. 

During one of our scheduled maintenance visits, our engineer will have a look around the property and advise on various fire precautions you should take around your home. The report will detail suitable fire equipment, the locations and fixing points where the safety equipment should be located and advise on any visible fire hazards around the home. The pressure of the extinguishers will be checked and the engineer will make sure it is within the useable date and that you are using the correct equipment.  The report will provide information on general fire safety, general recommendations to prevent fires and a list of dates when fire extinguishers should be re-charged or replaced.

Stone Tiling wears every day from general usage. This wearing weakens the protection of any sealant on the tiles and allows dirt, grease and water to penetrate the tile causing damage and permanent staining. By cleaning and re-sealing stone tiles every 3-5 years, it dramatically reduces the likelihood of damage to the stone and keeps the area protected.

One of our operatives will arrange a scheduled maintenance date to carry out these works as it will require half a day or more to complete the process.

The tiled areas will be given an intense clean using a suitable cleaning agent. Once the tiles are dry a suitable sealing agent will be applied as the first protective coat. One the first application of the sealing agent has been applied and has dried a subsequent coat will be applied to ensure maximum protection.

All types of flooring need to be maintained because they are in constant use and vulnerable to wear and discolouring. To ensure they are consistently clean, fresh and free from damage a regular maintenance plan is necessary. The types of maintenance works you require will depend on the type of flooring. Hardwood or timber flooring requires the most intense type of regular maintenance and you should re-seal hardwood floors at least every 5 years if it is in constant use.

Carpets should be cleaned properly every 3 years to remove dust, dirt, stains and bacteria.

 A hardwood floor would usually require a machine clean using a suitable cleaning agent recommended by the flooring manufacturer. Depending on the floor type, either a protective oil coating will be applied, or a sealing agent recommended by the flooring manufacturer. The protective coating will be applied in layers to ensure maximum protection.

Carpets will be cleaned using a wet vacuum and suitable cleaning agent. The carpeted area will then be left to dry for a suitable period before use.

We will  inspect your roof and report on its condition. The survey will include:

Based upon our survey we will provide a free competitive estimate for any work which might be needed. The estimate will include the cost of all materials, roofers and any other craftsmen that may be required.

Although it is impossible to guard against all unforeseen circumstances we use our skill and experience to ensure our estimates are as accurate as possible and truly reflect the price you will pay.


When inspecting roofs, guttering, pipe work etc for repair or replacement we always take detailed photographs.

To prevent unwanted blockages within your underground drainage system, the pipework should ideally be jet cleaned every 3 - 5 years. A CCTV scan should also be undertaken every 5 years to ensure the pipework is in good condition and that there are no crack or root penetrations in the pipework. Any damaged pipework can, over time, reduce the efficiency of the drainage system which will lead to a number of common issue’s such as; flooding, overflows and blockages.

One of our drainage engineers will jet clean with specialist machine equipment all the underground drainage runs through to the manholes to free up any debris or dirt in the pipes. The manholes will be freed from the remaining debris and dirt and will be checked for any visible signs of damage. A report will then be provided on the findings and the operative will recommend any required remedial works.