New Boilers

Power flushing heating systems

New Boilers And Heating Systems

New Boilers

Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624 ERP 24Kwh

5 year Manufacturers Guarantee
System Boiler type for use with Unvented Systems
Gas Safe Registered Installers
Supply and installation cost:*

£2400 + VAT

Before you install a new boiler on to your existing heating system.
  • Change any metal radiators that are over 15 years old, you can expect your new boiler to last 12-15 years. A boilers performance will diminish with rust coming from old radiators.
  • Power flush the heating system, if your old boiler is still working put a Sludge Remover into your system and run your existing boiler as normal for the next 2-3 weeks. Remove your existing boiler and fit the flushing machine onto the flow and return, only fit the flushing machine to the flow and return radiator pipes when this is not possible. While flushing the system, this is the perfect time to test and replace any radiators valves that are no-longer opening and closing properly.
  • Upgrade your heating controls and room thermostats.


New Boilers

Magnet Cleaner For New Boilers
Over time, rust will build within the heating systems and radiators which will steadily reduce the boilers efficiency over time. We recommend that every new boiler installation should also be equipped with a magnet cleaner which will collect the rust and metal particles before they reach the boiler system. We can install magnet cleaner on new or existing systems for £185 + VAT



Nest Thermostat
Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat has all the features you need to keep your property warm and comfortable Auto Schedule Auto Away Remote control Hot water control and Open Therm Technology. Nest Thermostat installed £300 + VAT

Power Flushing Heating Systems

Any boiler system over 3 years old will have begun to build up rust and metal deposits within the heating and boiler pipework which will be reducing the heating efficiency by 30%. To ensure the reliability of your boiler you should have it power flushed every 3-4 years. Power flushing radiators starts at £350 + VAT



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