Fire & Safety

Fire Exits and Safety

Fire & Safety 

Fire & Safety regulations are put in place to keep your workforce safe and reduce the possibility of both fire and damage by fire. The safety of your workforce is paramount, and keeping your workplace the right side of the law means you can avoid a lot of worry and expense.

Understanding your fire & safety responsibilities is just the first step. In addition, a Fire Safety Risk Assessment must be carried out (see here for a checklist). Large or more complete organisations may need further information.  Businesses with 5 or more people must also keep a copy of the fire risk assessment. Employing a professional Fire Risk Assessor will help your business on track, especially larger businesses.

Services We Supply

Space Design Maintenance can support and guide you, helping you as you complete all the regulations for fire safety.

We can provide:

  • Fire risk assessments

    Fire Door
    Fire Safety Door
  • Fire doors (repair and new installation service)
  • Extinguishers (installation & maintenance)
  • Water-mist systems (installation & maintenance)
  • Fire suppression and protection systems (installation & maintenance)
  • Fire barriers and curtains (installation & maintenance)


Working in the Central London and Greater London areas, our team of highly trained staff and trade accredited workforce are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide the highest level of customer service and quality for all types of property maintenance, giving you the confidence that your needs will be addressed quickly and professionally. Contact us now for more details.