Construction Labour Laws

Construction Labour Laws in the UK

The British government intend to spend a lot of money on infrastructure over the next 15 years. It should be a matter of urgency that they address the problems within the British construction industry.

The British construction industry has been in decline for over 30 years, this is due mostly to the labour laws. The decline was apparent when the outsourcing of work to subcontractors was introduced and this has now evolved into  agencies and such vehicles to supply the workforce to construction projects. The unfortunate side of this has to be the decline of the apprenticeship schemes. There is a complete lack of ownership in the industry for the qualifications required to deliver quality. This has created the following problems within the industry:

  • Construction projects not completing on time
  • Budget overspend
  • Poor quality of workmanship
  • High maintenance cost suffered by the client due to poor quality of build
  • For example a new build in UK can run at three times the maintenance cost of a new build in Germany