Technology For Heating/Cooling Your Home

The technology is now here for heating and cooling your home

Using the technology similar to traditional underfloor heating systems you can now heat and cool the building using the same system. This is achieved by pumping treated water through underfloor pipes which can be adjusted using a thermostat.

For heating a property it works in the same way as a traditional underfloor system by pumping hot water through underfloor pipes.

For cooling the building the same underfloor pipes are used to circulate water treated with an antifreeze that can be cooled below zero degrees which allows a room to drop in temperature.

The benefit of this system is that you can simultaneously warm one room and cool another, by adjusting programmable room thermostats located in each room.

Unlike an air conditioning system, where air is forced over a cooling element, an underfloor cooling system will be chilled through pipes laid beneath the floor.  Underfloor cooling systems are more cost effective and energy efficient. The underfloor cooling systems eliminate drafts, air pollution and dust circulation. Dissimilar to air conditioning an underfloor cooling system will actually reduce the radiant temperature of the room rather than just blowing cold air, which gives the air a better quality.

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Underfloor Heating and Cooling System